Auto Super Shoppe

Our team has been servicing New Zealand for over 25 years and have been recognised with awards in this industry, so we’re already caring for the vehicles of thousands of New Zealanders every day.

Your car will benefit from regular car services, regardless of the type, age or driving use. If you find that car maintenance can be difficult, we know you’ll appreciate the steps we take to make it as stress free as possible.

  • FREE Pick Up & Drop Off Service (distance dependent)
  • Courtesy Cars Available (bookings recommended)
  • Computerised Diagnostics
  • Free Battery Inspection
  • 12 months parts and labour guarantee
  • Dash and tyre shine (wash dependent upon regulations)
  • NZ qualified mechanics

It’s our privilege to provide the best service to meet your needs, even if you feel that your situation is “outside the box”, so don’t be concerned, call us.  Put our mechanical knowledge and expertise to the test. We’re happy to offer you the advice that we can over the phone, or to give your vehicle a quick once over  to determine which is the best course of action before work begins.

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